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Creston Drug Treatment Centers provides guidance finding comprehensive treatment programs to treat those with a drug or alcohol addiction. Not all drug and alcohol treatment programs are the same. Just as the triggers behind each person's addictive behaviors are unique, the treatments needed to make a successful recovery also need to be tailored to suit each person's individual needs.

The key to choosing the right drug rehab in Creston is to speak with our experienced addiction treatment advisors. We have access to a broad range of addiction treatment resources and high-quality addiction rehab facilities within our nationwide network.

We're able to match you with the best Creston drug treatment centers to suit your individual needs to help you overcome addiction and achieve long-term sobriety.

The 10 Best Creston Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Creston

Choosing the Right Addiction Treatment Program

Some rehab facilities focus strongly on the detox process. Depending on the type of drug being taken, some people may be given prescription treatment medications to make the detox process more manageable.

However, detox is only the first step in a comprehensive addiction treatment program. It's also important to delve into the important aspect of addressing the underlying psychological triggers behind addictive behaviors.

Counseling and behavioral therapies are commonly used to begin addressing the psychological side of addictive behaviors. The objective is to encourage the recovering person to identify their personal addiction triggers. Therapy can then begin working to create a strong relapse prevention strategy designed to reduce the risk of returning to self-destructive behaviors after graduating from rehab.

Before making a decision about any drug rehab center, take the time to call Creston Drug Rehab Centers advisory service. Our goal is to ensure you receive the correct treatments to help you regain control over your life.

Integrated Treatment Options

Statistics show that around 45% of people caught in a cycle of addiction also have a co-occurring mental health disorder, which is commonly known as 'dual diagnosis'. Trying to treat a person struggling with a substance abuse disorder without also taking the mental health issue into account could potentially increase the risk of relapsing after leaving rehab.

A person with dual diagnosis requires specialized integrated therapy to ensure that both the addiction and the co-occurring mental health disorder are treated at the same time.  It's important that the person obtains treatment from a specialized rehab treatment center that integrates the correct treatments to address both issues.

Natural and Holistic Treatments

Some drug treatment programs may incorporate a variety of alternative or holistic therapies with traditional addiction treatments. The basis behind alternative therapies is to provide recovering people with healthy, natural ways to manage cravings and cope with stress and anxiety that are common during early recovery.

After graduating from rehab, many people in recovery from addiction find it helpful to continue practicing some of the alternative therapies learned during treatment. Natural, holistic therapies improve relaxation, help to reduce cravings, and ease symptoms of anxiety and depression, all of which can help you stay clean and sober.

Our job as professional and highly experienced addiction treatment advisors is to help you find the best Creston drug treatment centers to suit your specific needs. We also want to ensure you continue to receive ongoing support and therapy even after leaving rehab.

The First Step to Addiction Recovery

The first step on the journey to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is to call our Creston drug treatment centers advisory service. Our friendly, knowledgeable advisors will discuss your treatment needs with you to determine the best rehab program to suit your needs.

From there, we are able to search through our network of treatment centers for drug and alcohol rehab in Creston to ensure you receive the correct combination of treatments and therapies.

About Creston, Iowa

Creston is a historic city settled in 1868 and located in the regional center of southwest Iowa, amid beautiful rolling hillsides and nestled along the Des Moines River. The city of Creston also boasts a number of sumptuous lakes, wooded areas, state parks and gardens. In the center of the downtown area, beautiful Bayliss Park and Veteran's Plaza also provide a tranquil place to sit and relax.

The community of Creston is an idyllic destination for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors, history, great food, entertainment and much more. Bentonsport National Historic district offers a look at the history of the region with a 1840s riverside village, complete with lodging, museums, campgrounds, and gardens.

The region also offers many miles of biking, walking and hiking trails to explore. There are also plenty of serene lakes, including McKinley Lake, set right within the city limits to explore by canoe or paddleboat and camping grounds set among beautiful wooded areas.

Call Creston Drug Treatment Centers today at (515) 805-3976 and speak with an addiction treatment advisor. We'll help you locate the best treatment options available to you.

Upcoming Creston AA & NA Meetings:

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AA F ANG G 2 Thu, 9:30 AM F ANG G 315 E 5TH DES MOINES, 50309, Des Moines, IA 50309
NA Broadlawns Hospital Sun, 7:00 PM Sunday Night Group Non-Smoking, Discussion/Participation 1801 Hickman Road, Des Moines, IA 50314
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